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By Janice S. Zunde



Do you have type one diabetes?


Are you or a loved one struggling to control your blood sugar?


Are you afraid of what uncontrolled blood sugar can do to your eyes, kidneys, and your family life?


Are you on dialysis and struggling with what to eat?


When Janice was seven years old, she was diagnosed with type one diabetes. This began her journey to live a healthy and fulfilled life, while balancing her blood sugar. Her lessons and stories are at once heart-wrenching and inspiring. Founder of Janice Zunde Health, Janice is deeply passionate about helping and inspiring others with similar struggles to lead a balanced life through informed diet and lifestyle choices.


Clients have described Janice as "loving and inspirational" and "kind and nurturing."


5 Reasons You Need To Read This Book


1. You or a loved one are living with type one diabetes. 2. You are struggling with how to help someone you love       who has type one diabetes. 3. You or a loved one are coping with kidney failure. 4. You are overwhelmed about what to eat while on dialysis.  5. You aim to live a long and healthy life after a transplant and require the tools to do so.


About Janice Janice Zunde is a Holistic Health Coach, passionate cook, wife, mother and author. Janice has always gravitated toward healing professions. She has a background in science and studied  Orthoptics at the University of the Witwatersrand, Medical School, in South Africa. She then did her nutrition training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in NYC. Janice has expertise in overcoming the challenges of type one diabetes and kidney failure. 


For more information on Janice or to stay in the know of her upcoming events, you can always visit the website, or email her at janzundehealth@gmail.com





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